Confused? You won’t be just ask us!  Panama Cruiser Connection, the Cruisers  “one stop shop”  in Panama. You can contact us on your way or when you get here. We have been serving the “cruising community” and living in Panama for years. If we don’t have your solution we know where to find it or what you need to get it.

And friendly guidance and advice about this amazing city and country. 

Just so you know Debs Place is a very special place. A large Penthouse apartment in the heart of the city.  Safe, clean, convenient and relaxing. A hub to meet, exchange information or share experiences, prepare provisions or take care of business.

Trusted friend Rogelio Hoyos (Roger) is the trump card in the operation. Born & bred in Panama his friendly, reliable guidance and determined attitude is legendary. Between us we’ve got you covered so just ask…

31 thoughts on “Welcome

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  2. Deb, apparently you’re one of the best people to speak to when it comes to the hows and how tos of Panama City… so I was wondering if you or somebody you know would be able to help me???

    I posted some travel scraps and travel diaries home from Panama city about a year ago and due to a postal strike, they got sent back to Panama (Cotel, Correos y Telegrafos, Calle Basilica) earlier this year… out of the sheer hope (even if its thinning) that my package may still exist in the world somewhere, would you know of anyone who speaks Spanish who would potentially be able to check if my package still sits there??

  3. Deb’s is the place to stay and to use as a home base. You will find her to be invaluable. My wife and I have just returned from a two week tour of Panama made easy by our new friend Deb. We are planning a return trip for next year and it will begin and end at Debs Place. four stars

    Truitt and Valerie

  4. On the recommendation of my daughter, we stayed at Deb’s place pre and post a San Blas sailing trip. I can’t think of a better place to stay! Wonderful hostess and an excellent location fit our schedule perfectly. Deb was always willing to make suggestions for places to visit and eat. it’s also nice to swap stories with other sailors!
    Thanks Deb for all your hospitality.

  5. Hi Deb,
    We just spent a few days at Joan and Ben’s place in Boquete and she suggested we contact you for accomodation in Panama. We are planning on spending some time in PC at the end of February and were wondering what your rates were for the Queen room?
    Karen and Peter

  6. Looks pretty awesome to me and with a hostess like Debby how could it not be! This is on my bucket list girl!!

  7. We stayed here twice on our recent trip to sail around the San Blas Islands.
    Coming from Vancouver Deb arranged for us to be picked up at the airport which was very convenient.
    The driver was very helpful and dropped us off right at the apartment.
    Deb met us at the elevator and welcomed us into the very large penthouse apartment with excellent views.
    Both times we had our own private room with ensuite and air conditioning. Everything was clean and comfortable.
    The location can’t be beat, lots of restaurants within easy and safe walking distances.
    Deb and Colin were very helpful and friendly hosts, with lots of suggestions and help translating Spanish.
    The breakfasts with fresh fruit were amazing.
    Beer, wine and snacks are available at very low prices.
    We met lots of wonderful people and really enjoyed ourselves.
    Thanks for the awesome experience Deb and Colin!

  8. Simply put: if you want a clean, comfortable and friendly home without compromising your privacy, look no further. Debby will make your visit to Panama worry free, from stepping off your plane to arriving at your “home away from home” to enjoying the sights, tastes and attractions of this wonderful country. The rooms are spacious, the penthouse is packed full of everything you would ever need to make yourself at home, the breathtaking views are spectacular. I have invited my family and friends to Panama and they have all enjoyed the level of personal attention they needed to feel at home. And just because the price is really reasonable, doesn’t mean Debby cuts corners. All my guest have been overly pleased and pleasantly surprised. I myself have traveled from the San Blas Islands to provision for our sailing vessel and Roger and Debby have been able to guide me in every way to make my busy days tolerable (fresh vegetable and fruit markets to fish markets to regular grocery stores, specialty shops and big box stores). If you like to walk, the bus is literally a stones throw away. If you like to taxi, just wave one down….But you’ll want to walk because every kind of restaurant and shopping experience happens as soon as you leave the front door and it’s safe! For those special Boat Parts.. Spend an hour or two with Roger and save yourself a whole lot of hassle. He knows where to look and he knows how to get around the city faster than any taxi driver. He cares! And he’s been happily serving the boating community for years. It’s a 10++

  9. Although we stayed at BB&B at separate times, both my husband & I truly enjoyed our stay, the friendly ‘at home’ atmosphere and the level of trust Deb shows in her clients ( you’ll know what we mean when you go there). In addition, when I was staying there I was the only guest, and Deb happened to be out entertaining a visitor, so I was truly alone. When Roger dropped me off he came upstairs to make sure I knew where the lights were, how to turn on the AC, where food & drinks were located, etc and he left me with his cell phone number and said to call any time (day or night) – now that’s great service!! Looking forward to our next visit there together!

  10. Deb and Roger of Cruisers Casa are great. They help with everything! If you are staying over in Panama City, or you need to have provisions delivered, or you have parts coming in, or you need transportation to or from the airports, just ask and you can consider it done. Great location, clean and comfortable, family and friends atmosphere. I highly recommend Cruisers Casa, Deb and Roger.

  11. Great reviews Deb. You are a great success as I knew you would be. I am proud to be your sister!!

    Love Mary Jane

  12. Living a life on the move is not always easy. Visits to Panama City are usually rushed, but for sure, we are able to get a lot done in a short amount of time. This is totally because of the assistance provided by Deb and Roger. It’s the extra services she provides that makes the difference – like setting up an appointment with the dentist, or taking us to a particular store for a hard-to-find item. At the end of an exhausting day, it’s wonderful to go back to her penthouse apartment and relax with spectacular views over the city. By then the meat to take back to the boat is packed and in the freezer, provisions are ready to be picked up by Roger next day, and we are ready for a nice cold drink. Deb’s place is perfect for visiting family members as well, and if needed, she will fill an order for meat and groceries to be delivered to your boat by your visitors. Prices are extremely reasonable. Highly recommended!

  13. Have stayed @ Deb’s place four times and it has been great all round every time. With Roger providing the transportation and Deb’s hospitality @ the apartment I can’t see how this needed
    service for cruiser can fail. You won’t be dissatisfied with your stay there and you can’t help but leave there without having two great new friends in Deb and Roger. They are two very “Customer First” oriented individuals and I am proud to have both of them as friends. Can’t say enough good about them.

  14. Sheri and I enjoyed our two time stays there. Convenient location, with good restaurants and a major supermarket (for supplies) close by, good friendly service, all the guidance one needs, spacious friendly accommodations and the companionship of other cruisers, and at reasonable prices from a smiling cruiser that understands us. What else could one ask for?

  15. We have had two lovely stays at Deb’s and have also hooked up three sets of guests visiting our boat in the San Blas flying into Panama City. Deb is extremely helpful and knowledgeable with hints and connections on everything from crossing the canal to shopping, shipping, transportation, boat info, tourist info airport pickups, exclusivo and more. Her place is in a great location with easy walking access along the waterfront. She has introduced us to special cultural events such as a jazz festival in Boquette, a Kuna Yala fashion show and the premier screening of of a French film on the Kuna Yala. I feel totally safe here and know that guests visiting my boat will be well taken care. I highly recommend this for cruisers and their guests.

  16. Spent 5 fabulous days at Crusiers Casa. The location was great, the accommodation was excellent but the most important was our Host Deb was awsome. She totally made us feel like we were home! Thanks so much for every thing we can’t wait to return next year

  17. Stayed at Deb’s BB&B on my way out and back again to Panama. I never liked staying in the City on my own, but staying at Deb’s I felt safe and even felt like I was visiting a friend. Deb’s BB&B is a great location, clean, quiet and safe. Deb arranged for Roger to handle my airport transfers and he was excellent. I would stay there again.

  18. We stayed at Deb’s B&B and all was good. The location is great, and Deb is happy to help out in any way she could to provide information or advice. We plan on staying again on the way back to Panama as well. The mall, grocery stores, and hardware stores, are all very easy and fast to get to, and Deb makes a great relaxed atmosphere while being at her home. 2 thumbs up.

  19. I found that staying at the BBB hostel was so relaxed. The home was spacious, the rooms, private and clean. Staying upstairs,even though the bath is shared ( I was the ony one there) I felt my privacy would be ensured. I know that Deb has my best interest at heart and will help me in every way if at all possible. Try it!! The price is good and it is nice to be with “friends” and not alone in Panama City.

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